CNC Milling

Computer numerical controlled (CNC) machining centers may be used in the production of myriad tools and components. Once cost-prohibitive, the tooling costs involved in these processes have continued to become substantially more affordable over time. This means that CNC milling services are more accessible now than ever.

CNC milling can accommodate projects and runs of all sizes. The process allows for both low and high prototype volumes to be created quickly in adherence with even the strictest specifications.

MF Engineering is ISO 9001:2015 certified. We promote quality management and know what it takes to see your proposal through from beginning to end. In order to maintain maximum efficiency, we abide by Lights Out Lean manufacturing and Kaizen/5S.

All of our lead times are provided on a job-by-job basis. Emergency and rush services are available.


MF Engineering offers a wide range of services. We use top-of-the-line machinery to create the components you need at the specifications you require. Our state-of-the-art facilities and experienced staff allow us to turn out quality pieces every time, and certified professionals oversee every step of your project.

Whether a part is undergoing milling, drilling, broaching, or any other process, you can rest assured we use the best machinery at our disposal in the hands of watchful, knowledgeable staff.

  • Services/Processes
    · Assembly
    · Milling
    · Drilling
    · Deep hole drilling
    · Centerless grinding
    · Boring
    · Tapping
    · Pressing
    · Bending
    · Reaming
    · External & internal threading
    · Broaching
    · Counterboring
    · Countersinking
    · Passivating
    · Plating
    · Pocketing
    · Profiling
    · Reaming
    · Welding
    · Etch and chromating
    · Laser engraving
    · Facing
    · Heat treating
    · Anodizing
  • Equipment
    CNC Vertical Machining Center
    · Milling
    · CAD design services
    · CAM programming services
    · Reverse engineering
    · Machinery Axis: 3, 4
    · Part dimensions
    o Length: X 26"
    o Width Y 14"
    o Height Z 12"
    · Tolerances
    o .001in for length, width, and height
  • Materials
    · Aluminum
    · Beryllium
    · Brass
    · Bronze alloys
    · Carbon steel
    · Copper
    · Iron
    · Nickel
    · Stainless steel
    · Steel alloys
    · Titanium
    Exotic and Precious Metals
    · Inconel
    · Monel
    · Platinum
    · Silver
    · Superalloys
    Plastic Polymers
    · ABS
    · Acetal
    · Acrylic
    · Fiber-reinforced plastics
    · Nylon
    · Phenolic
    · Polycarbonate
    · Polyetherketone
    · PTFE
    · PVC
    · Teflon

Industries and Applications

CNC milling produces parts and components intended for a variety of industries and applications. Applications that benefit from CNC milling include, but are not limited to, the following:

  •        Aerospace
  •        Agricultural and farming
  •        Alternative energy
  •        Automation
  •        Automotive
  •        Banking systems

o   Biomedical

  •        Biotechnology
  •        Chemical
  •        Commercial
  •        Communications
  •        Computer and electronics
  •        Dental
  •        Defense industry

o   Department of Defense (DOD) o   Military o   Nuclear

  •        Electrical
  •        Electronics
  •        Energy

o   Department of Energy (DOE)

  •        Food processing
  •        Government
  •        Heavy equipment
  •        Highway (DOT)
  •        HVAC
  •        Hydraulics
  •        Ice making
  •        Industrial
  •        Injection molding
  •        Laboratory
  •        Machine tools
  •        Machinery

o   Specialty machinery

  •        Manufacturing
  •        Marine
  •        Material handling and processing
  •        Medical

o   Medical devices

  •        Metrology and inspection
  •        Mining
  •        Nanotechnology manufacturing
  •        Oil and gas
  •        Optical
  •        Pneumatics
  •        Power generation
  •        Printers

o   Rolling/feeding machinery

  •        Pumps
  •        Railroad
  •        Robotics
  •        Semiconductor
  •        Telecommunications
  •        Textile
  •        Tool and die
  •        Transportation
  •        Universities and learning institutions
  •        Vacuum electronics
  •        Valves

Industry Standards

MF Engineering adheres to a wide range of industry standards to ensure that all products we produce stand up to the stringent requirements of their intended industry. Our certifications include:

  •        ANSI
  •        AS
  •        ASME
  •        ASTM
  •        CSA
  •        ISO
  •        Mil-Spec
  •        NADCAP
  •        QS
  •        RoHS
  •        SAE
  •        TS

Our certified staff of industry professionals will work with you to create unique solutions that meet the unique needs and specifications of your application.To learn more about the CNC milling services offered by MF Engineering, contact us or request a quote today.