CNC Routing

MF Engineering offers computer numerical controlled (CNC) routing technology for the benefit of our customers. CNC routing increases productivity and enhances quality and repeatability throughout a production run.

The use of CNC technology in this manner can produce an unlimited number of prototypes. This means that projects small and large can be carried out with ease regardless of quantities or complicated specifications.

We abide by Lean manufacturing and Kaizen/5S principles to maintain maximum efficiency throughout our manufacturing operations. This means you never have to worry about wasted resources, issues being overlooked, or overdue projects. Our lead times are provided on an individual, job-by-job basis to ensure that you always know when your project will be completed. Emergency and rush services are also available.


We understand that the manufacturing process can be overwhelming. That’s exactly why we offer our clients a wide variety of services using only the most innovative processes and technology. At MF Engineering, we’re constantly in search of ways to produce higher quality products that cost you less and don’t leave you waiting.

No matter what service you come to us for, you can count on our certified and professional staff to get the job done right. Our advanced machinery allows us to complete a variety of processes and services quickly and effectively.

Working with MF Engineering

Regardless of project size, industry, or application, MF Engineering can help you tackle nearly any project. Our expansive range of materials for CNC machining makes us an ideal choice for your one-stop manufacturing shop. We’re dedicated to helping you see your project through to completion.

  • Processes/Services

    · Assembly
    · Milling
    · Drilling
    · Boring
    · Tapping
    · Threading
    · Thread milling
    · Counterboring
    · Countersinking
    · Pocketing
    · Profiling
    · Corner rounding
    · Edge Breaking
    · Reaming
    · Facing
    · Engraving
    · 3D contouring
    · Knife-edge cutting

  • Equipment

    CNC Router Table and Portable 3D Digital Templating Digitizer
    · Multi-hole drilling (9-position drill bank)
    · Aggregate head for horizontal machining
    · CNC control capabilities
    · Milling
    · CAD design
    · CAM programming
    · Reverse engineering
    · Machinery axes: 3 + Live tooling
    · Tolerances: +/- 1/16″

  • Plastics

    · ABS
    · Acetal
    · Acrylic
    · Fiberglass-reinforced plastics
    · HDPE
    · King starboard (TM)
    · Vycom Seaboard (TM)
    · Marine plastics
    · Nylon
    · Phenolic
    · PTFE
    · PVC
    · Teflon

  • Metals

    · Aluminum
    · Brass
    · Carbon Steel
    · Copper

  • Other Materials

    · Foam
    · High-density marine foam / DEK foam
    · Rubber
    · Wood

  • Industries and Applications

    MF Engineering provides CNC routing and other services for a wide range of industries and applications. Some of these include:

    · Aerospace
    · Agriculture
    · Alternative Energy
    · Automation
    · Automotive
    · Banking
    · Biomedical
    · Biopharma
    · Biotech
    · Chemical
    · Commercial
    · Communications
    · Computer and Electronics
    · Dental
    · Defense Industry
    · DOE
    · DoD
    · Electrical
    · Electronics
    · Energy · Food Processing
    · Government
    · Heavy Equipment
    · Highways
    · HVAC
    · Hydraulics
    · Ice Manufacturing
    · Injection Molding
    · Laboratory
    · Machine Tools
    · Machinery
    · Manufacturing
    · Marine
    · Material Handling and Processing
    · Medical
    · Medical Devices
    · Metrology and Inspection
    · Military
    · Mining · Nano Technology Manufacturing
    · Nuclear
    · Oil & Gas
    · Optical
    · Pneumatics
    · Power Generation
    · Printers (Rolling/Feeding Machinery)
    · Pumps
    · Railroad
    · Robotics
    · Semiconductor
    · Specialty Machinery
    · Telecommunications
    · Textile
    · Tool and Die
    · Transportation
    · Universities & Learning Institutions
    · Vacuum Electronics
    · Valves

Chair produced by CNC Machining HDPE using CNC Router