Medical Machining Services

Medical machining partsMF Engineering is dedicated to providing quality machined components for our customers in the medical industry. As a recognized leader in precision machining, our CNC machining and 3D rapid prototyping services allow us to create custom components to detailed and/or critical specifications within exceptionally tight tolerances. Our state-of-the-art equipment and skilled team enable us to produce quality medical device components with utmost precision and quick turnarounds. In addition, using our CNC machining and 3D printing capabilities, we manufacture reusable plastic face shields for use in medical, education, food service, hospitality, retail, pharmacy, and other environments. Features include foam cushioning and adjustable straps.

Capabilities for Precision Medical Machining

We understand that machining medical parts requires exceptional attention to detail and the ability to work with a variety of materials. We are pleased to offer an extensive range of machining services well-suited for the complexities of medical applications. Our services include:

CNC Swiss Machining

Although CNC Swiss Machining has a history of use for specialty operations, technological advances have made it more accessible. Computer numerical control (CNC) allows for highly accurate production with high repeatability and reduced risk of human error. CNC Swiss machining is ideal for the production of extremely small and delicate components. We conduct CNC Swiss machining runs as small as five items up through large-scale production.

3D Printing and Rapid Prototyping

3D Printing and Rapid Prototyping is an efficient and cost-effective method for producing testable prototypes. This is especially useful for medical applications, where the efficacy of small design changes must often be confirmed with real-world testing before mass production can begin. We are committed to providing the most advanced technological equipment for highly accurate and speedy prototype production. We offer 3D FPM printing, which can accommodate volumes from 1–500 parts.

Additional Services

MF Engineering is pleased to offer numerous additional services for medical part production, including:

  • CNC Milling. CNC milling uses precision milling equipment to create highly accurate orthogonal components to pre-programmed specifications. Our CNC milling equipment can accommodate a wide range of projects and production runs with the utmost efficiency.
  • CNC Turn-Mill. CNC turn-mill lathes are perfect for manufacturing that requires multiple processes for one component with cylindrical and orthogonal features. The versatility of a CNC turn-mill allows a component to be rotated incrementally for efficient multi-step production on a single machine.
  • CNC Routing. CNC routing uses a cutting tool to produce flat components quickly and efficiently, even for large scale production. The process utilizes advanced CNC technology to ensure product quality and repeatability.
  • Processes/Services

    · Assembly
    · Broaching
    · Turning
    o Contour
    o Form
    o Taper
    o Straight
    · Milling
    · Drilling
    o Deep Hole Drilling
    · Boring
    · Threading
    o External
    o Internal
    · Tapping
    · Thread milling
    · Knurling
    · Counterboring
    · Countersinking
    · Passivating
    · Plating
    · Pressing
    · Profiling
    · Reaming
    · Parting/cutting
    · Facing
    · Welding
    · Etch and Chromating
    · Laser engraving
    · Heat treating
    · Centerless grinding
    · Anodizing

  • Equipment

    CNC Swiss Machine
    · Automatic bar feeders
    · Milling
    · CAD design services
    · Cam programming services
    · Reverse engineering
    · Machinery Axis: Up to 12, live tooling, C-Axis
    · Part dimensions
    o Min: .030in, .76mm
    o Max: 1.250in, 32mm
    · Part Length
    o Min: .020in, .5mm
    o Max: 36in, 915mm
    · Tolerances
    o Straightness: .001
    o Concentricity: .0005
    o Diameter (outer/inner): .0002in/.005mm

  • Materials

    · Aluminum
    · Beryllium
    · Brass
    · Bronze Alloys
    · Carbon Steel
    · Copper
    · Iron
    · Nickel
    · Stainless Steel
    · Steel Alloys
    · Titanium
    · ABS
    · Acetal
    · Acrylic
    · Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics
    · Nylon
    · Phenolic
    · Polycarbonate
    · Polyetheretherketone
    · PTFE
    · PVC
    · Teflon
    · Inconel
    · Monel
    · Platinum
    · Silver
    · Superalloys

What to Look for in a Medical Component Manufacturer

When searching for the best medical component manufacturer, it is important to choose a company with an in-depth understanding of the medical industry and its specialized manufacturing requirements. At MF Engineering, we are dedicated to meeting and exceeding industry standards for our medical machining components. To ensure the highest quality medical products, we maintain ISO 9001:2015 certification.
We offer rapid 3D prototyping services with support from conception through full production, so our customers know they can get quality custom parts when they need them. Lead times are provided on a job-by-job basis, but emergency and rush services are available for last minute needs.

Medical Machining Services by MF Engineering

For over 40 years, we have been dedicated to the speedy production of precision components using the most advanced technology on the market. To learn how our medical machining services can benefit your project, contact us today or request a quote.