CNC Swiss Machining

As CNC machining has become more commonplace in the modern era, different methods of the practice have emerged. CNC Swiss machining is now offered in more CNC machine shops than ever before. Once looked at as a specialty process, CNC Swiss machining has gained incredible traction over the past several years.

At MF Engineering, our Swiss CNC machining capabilities are the perfect choice for jobs as small as five items through high production runs. We are an ISO 9001:2015-certified company, which means we prioritize quality and efficiency. Lights Out manufacturing, Lean manufacturing, and Kaizen/5S processes allow us to keep lead times short and quality high.

All of our lead times are provided on a job-by-job basis. Emergency and rush services are available for those who require them. When you work with MF Engineering, we are fully invested in getting you what you need exactly when you need it.


Our company has a wide range of equipment and expert staff at your disposal. Our end-to-end capabilities make us a one-stop shop for a myriad of manufacturing needs. We offer a comprehensive collection of processes and services using industry best practices and state-of-the-art machinery and tooling. We maintain strong relationships with surface finishing suppliers to provide you products that are ready for use upon receipt.

CNC Swiss Add 2

  • Processes/Services

    · Assembly
    · Broaching
    · Turning
    o Contour
    o Form
    o Taper
    o Straight
    · Milling
    · Drilling
    o Deep Hole Drilling
    · Boring
    · Threading
    o External
    o Internal
    · Tapping
    · Thread milling
    · Knurling
    · Counterboring
    · Countersinking
    · Pressing
    · Profiling
    · Corner rounding
    · Edge breaking
    · Reaming
    · Parting/cutting
    · Facing
    · Part marking
    · Dot Peening

    Outside Secondary Services
    · Anodizing
    · Passivating
    · Plating
    · Welding
    · Chemical Etch / Chromating
    · Laser engraving
    · Heat treating
    · Centerless grinding

  • Equipment

    CNC Swiss Machinery
    · Automatic bar feeders
    · Milling
    · CAD design services
    · Cam programming services
    · Reverse engineering
    · Machinery Axis: Up to 12, live tooling, C-Axis
    · Part dimensions
    o Min: .030in, .76mm
    o Max: 1.250in, 32mm
    · Part Length
    o Min: .020in, .5mm
    o Max: 36in, 915mm
    · Tolerances
    o Straightness: .001
    o Concentricity: .0005
    o Diameter (outer/inner): .0002in/.005mm


MF Engineering offers our clients an exceptionally wide range of materials to choose from. Our staff will be happy to work with you throughout the decision-making process to ensure that whatever choice you make is the best one for your unique project.

  • Metals

    · Aluminum
    · Beryllium
    · Brass
    · Bronze Alloys
    · Carbon Steel
    · Copper
    · Iron
    · Nickel
    · Stainless Steel
    · Steel Alloys
    · Titanium

  • Exotic/Precious Metals

    · Inconel
    · Monel
    · Platinum
    · Silver
    · Superalloys

  • Plastics/Polymers

    · ABS
    · Acetal
    · Acrylic
    · Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics
    · Nylon
    · Phenolic
    · Polycarbonate
    · Polyetheretherketone
    · PTFE
    · PVC
    · Teflon

Industries and Applications

MF Engineering serves a wide range of industries and unique applications, such as:

  •        Aerospace
  •        Agricultural & Farming
  •        Automation
  •        Automotive
  •        Banking Systems
  •        Biomedical
  •        Biopharmaceutical
  •        Biotechnology
  •        Chemical
  •        Commercial
  •        Computer
  •        Dental
  •        DOE
  •        DOD
  •        Electrical
  •        Electronics
  •        Food Processing
  •        Government
  •        Heavy Equipment
  •        HVAC
  •        Hydraulics
  •        Ice Manufacturing
  •        Industrial Equipment
  •        Injection Molding
  •        Laboratory
  •        Machine Tools
  •        Machinery
  •        Manufacturing
  •        Marine
  •        Material Handling & Processing
  •        Medical/Medical Devices
  •        Medical Devices
  •        Metrology & Inspection
  •        Military
  •        Mining
  •        Nano Tech
  •        Nuclear
  •        Oil & Gas
  •        Optical
  •        Pneumatics
  •        Power Generation
  •        Printers (Rolling/Feeding Machinery)
  •        Pumps
  •        Railroad
  •        Renewable Energy
  •        Robotics
  •        Semiconductor
  •        Specialty Machinery
  •        Telecommunications
  •        Textile
  •        Tool & Die
  •        Transportation
  •        Universities
  •        Vacuum Electronics
  •        Valves

Industry Standards

MF Engineering adheres to a wide range of industry standards to ensure that all products we produce stand up to the stringent requirements of their intended industry. Our certifications include:

  •        ANSI
  •        AS
  •        ASME
  •        ASTM
  •        CSA
  •        ISO
  •        Mil-Spec
  •        NADCAP
  •        QS
  •        RoHS
  •        SAE
  •        TS

Swiss Machining with MF Engineering

MF Engineering is proud to offer quality manufacturing services with short lead times and tight tolerances. If you are interested in learning more about how CNC Swiss machining could benefit your project or organization, contact us today or request a quote.